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1hiya Empty hiya on Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:30 am

So, I found this comic about seven hours ago. I'm currently on page 761. Other than opening a bottle of wine and a short chat with my roommate (in which I repeatedly mentioned how awesome the comic is), I haven't really done anything but read since then.

I'm bummed it's going to be over soon, but I mostly read novels so I guess I'm used to the effect. I've been aware of the forums for hours, but just decided to sign up because I suddenly have a question of utmost importance (sort of), which I will go post on the discussion part of the forum in a minute.

Until then: Hi, I'm Esti, I'm a literature grad student and am actually hoping to incorporate webcomics into my scholarship at some point (though so far I've had more luck fitting papers on cyberpunk and Michael Chabon into professors' assignments). Basically, I'm thrilled with my life because I get to spend a lot of it writing about things I adore anyway.

Nice to meet you all : )

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