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Through the Looking Glass

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1Through the Looking Glass Empty Through the Looking Glass on Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:51 pm

Good evening,

I'm a 30-yr-old psychiatrist, who started reading yu+me perhaps a few months after it was created. I enjoyed the art, and the fact that there were some good lesbian webcomics to read. While coming out in 1997 doesn't make me a relic, when my awkward teenage journey began there was no WWW, no photoshop, and very few opportunities for a young lesbian to read self-relevant stories that didn't end with the protagonist killing herself, drinking herself to death, etc. Anyone who's ever heard of Beebo Brinker knows what I'm talking about.

Life interrupts art. I have been married once and lost my partner to schizophrenia (hence going to medical school--I was a rabbi: I indulged the fantasy that I could race my way towards fixing her, and the road was long, and she didn't wait). To randomly think about this comic earlier this afternoon and read through Fiona's inevitable loss of Lia, the dark twist of manipulation and evil threaded through what seemed their innocent relationship makes me a little sad: at the tail of all comets and end of all rainbows you CAN find a love you thought you lost, or at least the image of her, AND find that what you had is also gone, or never was: a comet twinkles like the merriest fire, and is made of ice after all...

I'm waxing on, or using this webforum to vent. I apologize. I'm also entertained and value that the story continued over so many years and drew so many fans. It's very well done. Half of me wants a happily ever after. Half accepts that both the author and the story have grown up, and therefore all endings will be the right one.

It's nice to meet you. Now, I have to show my wife (second, and loved) this comic. She's going to whine that I'm distracting her from her patient load (she's an internist). I have a feeling I'm going to have to drag her away from the computer about 11 tonight . . .

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