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Ladies and gents, I introduce to you.... ME!!

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1 Ladies and gents, I introduce to you.... ME!! on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:40 am

Heya all I'm RainbowSprinkles otherwise known as Nicole irl. I'm a huge yu+me fan and have been reading it for a few year now I think. I'm admin on the yu+me group on facebook and I'd love to see you all there if you aren't a member already.

I'm a professional freeloader right now as I am currently in the vast nothingness that is a semester off of school before university. I will be going to school in the fall for Women's Studies (because I'm just THAT gay)I am also a cashier at mon local grocery store.

I like fanfiction, web comics, shopping and driving around aimlessly with my best buds. I hope to get to know you all Smile

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Hello Nicole/RainbowSprinkles! (my brain totally just tried to write "springles"...I swear, it has a mind of its own)

Glad to meet you and thank you for starting the yu+me group on facebook.

And you sooooooo don't have to be gay to do Women's Studies....but it helps! Razz

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I had a facebook at some time. Some random person added me and said "Smerg" I think and then that was the end of it. Maybe I'll make one again.

So hi!

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There can be only one Nicole in these here parts! Fight ya for it. Razz

Know what you want to do with Womens Studies?

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thanks all for the warm welcomes Smile

to freakingdork: yes it's not necessary but it does help. I'm gay and really into women's rights movement and feminist issues ect so i decided to be a walking stereotype Smile

to (the other) Nicole: Can we not share the nicole title? I'm willing to share if you are :p and as for what I'm going to do with women's studies... I have NO clue at this point lol i was just interested in the course so I was like WHY NOT?

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I just wanted to say that you may have the only message board handle I've ever seen that is also an ice cream topping.


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Delicious Gin wrote:I just wanted to say that you may have the only message board handle I've ever seen that is also an ice cream topping.

Well yours could be one too.

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Winston Churchill would probably rise from his grave and destroy me horribly. They say his martinis were a glass of gin, which he would hold while glancing at a bottle of vermouth from across the room.

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Greetings, RainbowSprinkles! Women's Studies FTW.

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well on the original forum I made me user account the same day that I made cupcakes for my school's GSA... gay cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles. so RainbowSprinkles it was. I decided to keep my old user name in the old forum.

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