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I owe you more than you'll ever know...

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1I owe you more than you'll ever know... Empty I owe you more than you'll ever know... on Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:06 pm

I've just found YU+ME, and after all is said and done, you've saved my soul.
Before I found this, I was a cold, cynical wreck. But, I didn't know it. I got to the twist, but I didn't bother with the song. I went back, after finishing, and listened to it, knowing how the story ends. And, well, something in me broke. I cried for the first time in two years. And I couldn't figure out way.

After about 10 minutes of me blubbering like a baby, it hit me. I'd never gotten the chance to say goodbye to the first (and to date, only) love I've had. One day we were talking about our plans for summer, and the next, she wouldn't answer my calls. After a year of silence, I find out that she's moved on. I couldn't. I hated her, and I wouldn't let anyone hurt me again. But, hearing the song (that inspired this user name) changed that. I realized I still loved hear, but that she was gone. Like a dream.

I knew then that I was free from the pain that made me seem like a cold shadow of myself. I could move on, and accept what had happened between us. I met up with some of my old friends, and one commented on how much I'd changed. I could only smile.

So, in closing, I am a 19 year old guy, who is at last free to get on with life. I enjoy reading, mostly fantasy (big surprise, right?), and watching the snow fall in winter.

So, how sad am I?

Megan, I don't kid when I say you saved me from misery. I only wish I had found this incredible story faster. Thank you. For everything.

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