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My introduction, otherwise known as I should sit on my hands and wait a while XD

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Hey all and welcome!

Starting off I would like to say thank you very much to Megan for this wonderful board, judging from some of the chats I've seen in her Cbox, this place will see some use out of it, and some very enlightening chats!

I am Clawdee, real name is Kelsey, but I much prefer Clawdee, it's a name I've been using for darn near 5 years on the internet.

I'm 21 and I live in California, and no, it's not always sunny I had to shovel snow for 4 years, not fun, especially when it's about 3 feet deep and you're only 5 feet tall! At the moment I live at home with my family, mom and 2 siblings, and I'm looking for a job, but since I've been looking for about 2 years, yea, and it just get's worse every day doesn't it?

I've been reading Megan’s comics for a couple months now, and I know that's not long, considering she's been making 'em for YEARS and she has many fans that have been with her since the beginning. I found the comic on Deviant Art I believe, I'm actually not quite sure...but I do remember staying up for almost 2 days reading the whole Yu+Me story, and then a whole other day for Lesbian Pirates.

Well, I think that is quite enough about me, why don't you all tell me a little about yourself? Then maybe we can get some more posts and convo's branching out from here!

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I made a new section for intros. I had planned to do this, but forgot.

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That's ok, I think I'm just being an eager beaver today Laughing

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