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Rather confused gal Nyahhh. Howdy.

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1 Rather confused gal Nyahhh. Howdy. on Mon May 03, 2010 10:10 pm

Hello everyone, I'm pretty new you Yu+me, but I've read it all so far twice... I used to go on forums a lot but I haven't in years... I'm 20, from a small city in Canada.

I think I'm a lesbian... or very close to it...? but I seem to have acquired a few male friends that I can simply call and fuck when ever I please, and I please often. I like them a lot as friends and I love the excuse to hang out with them, as well as the sex.

Ummmm yeah I'm just lost.

I'm tempted to put a gigantic rant about me here but I'll hold off... ask me anything I'm really honest and happy to share/listen/discuss but I can be really shy...

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