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Salutations!, she said brightly, with a smile that was only slightly awkward.

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No, really. Salutations.

I'm not too sure what I'm to do here, but I wanted to join the forums because I've read Yu+Me from beginning to, well, now in the past week, and really really enjoyed it. And it seemed like to the polite thing to do when walking into a room is to introduce oneself.

So. Here I am.

I'm 24, and a Canadian currently studying in Hong Kong. I like reading, and I like reading webcomics. Apparently there are a lot of Canadians in this forum? Did you guys think 'come to Canada' when the author mentioned that her two friends were getting married? I definitely did.


Anyway, hello to everyone. I guess I should probably go read some of the topics now, eh?

(and I will, right after I finish watching the stage production of Sweeney Todd on youtube. It has Angela Lansbury in it, oh-em-gee)



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