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My name is 33% Matthew Alan Alastor Toulous Latrec Bob.

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But you may call me Bork, rookie guitar player/amature writer/photographer extraordinair. of course, just 'Bork' will do. I found the YU+ME webcomic by way of TvTropes.org, and I must say, it is the best webcomic I've read in my short (19 year) life. I love how well paced the story is, and how well developed the characters are, in stark contrast to most other webcomics I've read. I also absolutely Love how you can change art styles seemingly at a whim, a technique that few people, sadly, refuse to employ in their work.

What I love most of all, however, is how well you can keep the reader guessing throughout the story. You keep us wondering questiongs like... (possibe spoiler: "Did Fiona's doctors already pull the plug?") Your work is on par with Lost, if it does not exceed it in quality.

Sweet flower in the garden of life, I bow to your storytelling mastery.


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