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Erm... hi.

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1Erm... hi. Empty Erm... hi. on Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:08 am

So... I exist. I'm new here. You can all call me Emilie.

I have no clue what to say, so I guess I'll just rattle off a couple facts about myself.

-I'm 16, closing in on 17, wishing I was 18.

-My life is unusual. I won't go into detail, but rest assured I'm not just saying that.

-My sexuality seems to be all across the board... I started off pretty straight (like when I was first interested in anyone at all), then realized I was bi, my first couple relationships were lesbian and I guess during that whole time I alternated between fully lesbian and theoretically-bisexual-but-in-a-monogamous-lesbian-relationship. Then I had a stint with polyamory, hooked up with a few guys, ended up leaving my last girlfriend for one of them and am currently in a happy hetero relationship with said guy. He happens to be bisexual, which is kinda convenient as I'm also slightly genderqueer. So at this point I'd describe my sexuality as, definitely into guys, still find girls attractive but not really interested in them... I just really like boobs. XD

-As far as gender/sexuality stereotypes go I'm a little bit of everything. Gay guy, bi guy, straight guy, straight girl, bi girl... Not so much the lesbian anymore, though, I guess I've had my fill of that. My boyfriend is similar, we joke that our relationship is simultaneously straight, gay and bisexual. (let me reiterate though this is ALL IN JOKING REFERENCE TO STEREOTYPES.)

-I started reading YuMe probably two-ish years ago. It. Is. AWESOME. Megan is a creative genius and for that I salute her. I'm torn between wanting to know how the story ends and NEVER WANTING IT TO END.

-My username is the name of a song by my favorite band. It's in Helvetian Gaulish and I'm pretty sure it just means "I am the Helvetian". The band is called Eluveitie, they're an eight-piece Celtic metal band from Switzerland and they are indescribably awesome.

-I write too much.

...sssssoooo... yyyeeeeeeaaahhhh.

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