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Hullo. Oh. "Hullo" is not long enough for the forum's title requirements. There.

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The basics: I've been reading Yu+Me since I started grad school, at the beginning of September 2008. I tend to get a little obsessive about the comics I really really like, and this was one of the first of a LOOOONNNG list I currently have of things I'd rather be looking at than homework.
I'm totally impressed and enthralled by the evolution that Megan's art has gone through since the beginning.
I'm graduating in June, and I really hope that Megan will have another comic in the works or will be fleshing out (heh) LPFOS so I can continue to have sufficient time wasters when I'm avoiding grading my own students' work.
Hm, let's see. Yes. I'm in school to be an elementary school teacher. I've got two partners, a cat and some chickens. That's about it. Oh yes. And if I ever do meet Megan in person, I'll probably be an embarrassing fangirl. I was when I met Ursula LeGuin, can't imagine it would be all that different.

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sorry, let me translate that into coherent English.

I like your picture.

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Hey, thanks! Oregon Country Fair, lots and lots of paint.

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