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My Intro...OK...this is where your suppose to aplaud...or laugh? Something? Whatever...

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I started reading all...and yes, I mean ALL, as in every comic you have made, every short story you have written, and every non-fiction piece you have composed(quite a premise to a sentence), only as recently as your Penny Arcade Lookouts art...delving? You have many beautiful styles of artwork, and your literature is very profound. I recently read your squidoo (article? and yes the whole thing). I paused, lightly, over the cliche section. Appealing to the opposite sex caught my attention. I started reading this, and I remembered, what seemed ages ago, why I first visited this site. All I really wanted, when I arrived, as some alien, was a token lesbian love...but you entranced me, and you continue to do so. That is all.

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