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Teaspoons can speak!

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1Teaspoons can speak! Empty Teaspoons can speak! on Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:49 am

Yes I am strange, not as strange as Clandestine Jones. But strange enough that its normal for me to be different.

Silverware wrote:And lo' from the skies descended those who were in number forty two.
And these forty two were the founders, and they brought with them a teaspoon,
and thus did the Silverware witness the first creation in all its magnificent glory.

Thus did the Silverware know all that was to be known within creation and thus did
it ingrain itself within the lives of those who came latter.

And thus once the forty two left, did the Silverware watch over the world,
and it went forth and multiplied and subdued the creatures of creation,
and brought about the world of the man-things.

The great nation of Silverware left one to watch over the world and the man-things
that were to come. This one took place in the society of the man-things and controlled them
for they were war-like and the nations of Silverware had not met such a blood thirsty race,
and the one kept man from spreading into the realms of the Silverware.

And to this day does the one hold sway over the man-things while keeping unseen,
and the day will come where the one can no longer restrain the man-things,
and they should spread like a virus and creation shall tremble.


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