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Yet another introduction thread

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1Yet another introduction thread Empty Yet another introduction thread on Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:08 am

So it seems that the norm here is to post a new thread to introduce oneself. Blarghle, I say. But that's hardly articulate. Suppose I aught to run down the usual stuff.

Hi, the handle's Zelknolf; it's Zelknolf everywhere I go. Lifetime student of martial arts, specializing in kenjutsu, and a college instructor (teaching composition and researching the impact of gaming on higher-order cognitive functioning; degrees in English and Ed Psyche). And it always sounds like bragging when I write all of that out. So, sorry in advance. x.x

I've been following the comic since a bit before the first part was revealed as a dream. Figured the fact that I'm still reading it is a sign that I aught to say hi, and maybe comment with more complexity than terrible jokes in cbox and cackling madly while comparing LPFOS to Homer/Virgil. Thus, I registered, and thus I introduce myself.

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