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i'm not canadian, but i think i'm still okay.

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1 i'm not canadian, but i think i'm still okay. on Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:34 pm

hello. :] new 'round these parts. i read the comic first to most recent last night, and i already don't even remember how i came across it. i got suckered in by the art on the most recent pages, and thought it was pretty neat watching the art evolve from the manga style to what it is now.

a bit about me... i'm 22, female, aspiring to become a college professor. i currently live in salt lake city with my two cats and minions, sassy and pepper. some of my favorite things to do are go out to the movies, cook, draw, rp, and world of warcraft, not necessarily in that order. nice to meet you folks. :]

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