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I would like to be inducted into your Cool Kids` Club

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Hello! I`m Rebekah, but honestly, I`ve always had more of an issue with people who can`t spell my name than with nicknames, so you can call me Becky, Bex or whatever. Or Erie! I heart Erie.

I`m a 22 year old Vancouverite/college student/slave to the written word. When I`m not toiling at my computer, I mostly just read webcomics, bake unbelievably unhealthy food, play video games and then turn to my beloved books. Mine is a life of awesome feats and joy, clearly.

I only found YU:ME last night, but I couldn`t stop reading until I was caught up and now I`m hooked.

So, it`s a pleasure to meet all of you!

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Your life sounds like mine, only with more baked goods. So obviously yours is infinitely more awesome. Welcome, Erie!

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Thank you! Baked goods do make my life go round. Mmm, cookies. <3

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I've always loved the name Rebekah. In my mind that is the only right way to spell it.

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