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...because when the weather gets cold we build an igloo...

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I'm posting an introduction coz I'm cool like that ^^
Proud Canadian female with Ginger hair, lol. Comics, games, and other such awesomeness are indeed my forte~ <3 I love a random quote, and the food items can be left in the fridge! I shall be forum stalking now, so see you around! Very Happy

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Sounds like a warm invite to me Smile


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3 :3 on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:13 am

Hey~! How's it going random forum-er! Very Happy

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Everything is going well on this end of the internet. Hope it's nice on your end.

If you were looking for more detail in my response

1. Errands
2. school
a. laugh
b. sneeze
c. chew gum
3. chat with my homies
4. Took the 15 home
5. ate microwave burrito
6. Cuddled with laptop

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Everything is A-okay on this end as well :3
And thanks for the details ^^
a. Sleep
2. ate lolipop
3. stared
b. laughed
6. talked with friends
3. stared at people
4. Took the 180 home
5. had hot chocolate
z. staring contest with a picture of a cat.


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You were the first person to ask a version of "how are you?" today. Thanks.

I'm not shockingly ugly or socially inept or anything that would keep nice folks away... I just don't think it crossed many peoples' minds today that time was in fact passing as we went about our busy loads. And just as the day was closing... casual, sincere greeter number 1; the forum board responder!

Have a slightly better than acceptable evening at the very least.

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7 :D on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:17 am

Haha~ Well, you're welcome ^^
I have a bad habit of saying hello, and asking strangers how their day was XD
Oh well, makes life more interesting, righty-o? Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
But hugging hobos downtown is apparently a bad thing... tongue >.<

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