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Imma let you finish...

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1Imma let you finish... Empty Imma let you finish... on Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:24 pm


Uh, yeah, ok.
Hi, my name is Amanda and I've been reading YU+ME since (plus or minus) 2007.

Actually, I think I found YU+ME 2007 something, and I read life half of the first part. Then I kinda stopped, or forgot about it or got bored. Ierno.
But now, like a year ago or something, I rediscovered it and was all like HEY, I USED TO READ THIS SHIT, OMGWTF. And I read it again.
I oh gosh do I love it now.
Seriously, it is hard to find webcomics even half as creative and random like this. And trust me on this one, because I read alot of webcomics.

I could easily sit here and talk about the webcomics I read and love and admire, but no. That would take alot of time. So I redirect you to my blog, where I have linked half of them, and to my smackjeeves account, where I have the other half as favourites.

I'm almost 18 (december the tenth) and I long for the day just as much as I fear it.
I hate responsibility and being a grownup scares the bejezus out of me.
But then again, I can go and drink in bars and actually spend time with my friends (who all are 18 or older) ourside of school. I miss doing that. Sometimes.
I'm from Sweden. I like Sweden. I'm not blonde. But I have red hair like an irish person and an accent of an american.
I attend the IB, and is currently in IB2. I have exams in may, and I'm terrified. Then I'm planning to redo math and biology and do those exams year 2011, and then I'm applying for University somewhere in the UK. Illustration, most likely. Or Art History.
I've got ADHD and it's quite troublesome. I can haz hard time to fo--OH MY GOSH A KITTEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like kitties. Not dogs. Yuck.

Where was I?
Immanuel Kant seem to recall.
You better be laughing.

I like drawing. And webcomics. And reading (a small amount of books). And writing. And singing. And TV.
I love TV.
TV I like: Torchwood, House M.D, Scrubs, NCIS, Family Guy, Absolutely Fabulous, Bones, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Ally McBeal, Falty Towers, Queer as Folk (UK), How I Met Your Mother, and some other shows.

Don't know if there was anything more to say...hm.
Oh yeah, one thing:
That should be mentioned. I am a Harry Potter fangirl, trapped in the potterverse, nerding over everything there is to nerd about Harry Potter and oh gosh I just love Harry Potter.

That's all folks.
I write alot. Yeah...I should probably be studying for that biology test I have tomorrow morning. I'm feeling sick. Should probably get some Oboy. I want coke. I love coke. And chocolat. I'm tired. I wanna sleep. NO. FOCUS AMANDA. GO STUDY. But I don't wanna....YES YOU DO. OR ELSE YOU'RE GOING TO FAIL. Who caaares. I do. Ok.


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