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Canadian, Does that make me awesome or what?

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1Canadian, Does that make me awesome or what? Empty Canadian, Does that make me awesome or what? on Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:41 am

I'm never sure what to put in these thingies...Ummm.. 19/Male/New Brunswick, Canada. Bi...well Pan I supposed but I have trouble identify my sexuality with a type of flute so I just say bi.

I have nothing else to say...How about a haiku?

I do not know
though it seems I am here now
lets all have some cake

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Being Canadian makes you awesome. My best friend is from Windsor. She said that once she walked out into her backyard and found a spider dangling from a web, and it had frozen solid. Canada sounds cold, and I love cold because it's always hot in Australia, and never snows (in Sydney anyway). I love snow. Apparently Canada has lots of snow.


What kind of cake?

Oh, and Welcome!

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Well in the winter it's cold...The winter being about six months out of the year but still xD The province I live in is much colder than windsor(No where's near it either) and has the highest snowfall rate in the country. The province is New Brunswick and if you haven't heard of it...well nobody has xD

Thank you for welcomes.

CheeseCake! The answer to all life's problems.

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I've heard of it, it's the east coast one, right? One of my weird hobbies is global geography. Canada has 10 provinces, right? Don't ask me to name them hehe...

I am eyeing a slice of cheesecake in the window of a coffee shop right now (mobile internet FTW)... mmm...

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Their are four east coast ones, but yes it's one of those. I KNOW ALL TEN! and the three territories xD It's okay though because I know none os Aussie-lands provinces.

WELL THEN EAT IT! It's gotta be good for you right?

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I would so eat it, but then I'll have no bus money Sad

Hehe not very many non Aussies know much about Australian geography. I am from New South Wales (which is superior to Victoria, our southern rivals XD). Heh, that rivalry fuels many sports match arguements.

........OK that's it, when I get home I am going to borrow the car and fetch cheesecake.

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You could...steal it?

I don't know geography at all, cept the general location of countries. Victoria sounds very stuck up so South Wales must be better! it only makes sense.

Cheesecake takes another victim!

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Pan is also a Greek God!
Nice to meetcha. I almost want to say neighbor, since Washington is pretty near Canada, but that'd only be if you live in West Canada!

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Pan was greek? I thought he was from a different Pantheon.

Hi Neighbor even though you live really far away =D

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