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Level 19 Geek With +2 Glasses of Disintegration

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Hiya! I\'m Foof, or Steph. Either works. Long time fan of YU+ME, loooove it. I\'m 19, I live with my parents (HAW HAW) in Central Washington, trying to get back on my feet after playing the rent game for a year and graduate from High School. I\'m Pansexual (EDIT: Edited from Bi, I forgot \"pan\" was the \"love is love\") , though I\'m currently dating a guy I\'ve been friends with for years. Huh...what else do I say here? I *love* to draw and play video games. And eat. Love food.

Oh, and I has glasses. (+10 Sexy)

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Hooray for glasses!!! Though mine are +million glasses of bent and crooked...

Wow, you lasted a year? I rented for 2 months after high school and totally folded financially. Still at my mother's house (much to her dismay) until next year when I move into STUDENT CO-OP HOUSING which means cheap house with lots of people to talk to yay!

Draw me a kitty!

EDIT: WELCOME TOO!!! I forgot to say welcome Embarassed

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Thanks, Aes!

Mine are pretty ragged now too. Let's not call them bent...let's say...loved!

Let's see...about a year. Moved out July 16th, came home June. Ah! So almost! Congrats, that should be great. Very Happy

Surprised Alrighty, I'll try! What kind 'o kitty?

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A ragdoll!!!

I have two, they are so cuuuute!: link

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Hi, Welcome. I'm New too. Also wear glasses. We're like twins.

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