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I do not know what to do for these sort of thing.

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Hello Smile
I have been reading YU+ME for more than two years, I would say. At least two. I have lurked on the forums, but have never been a member until now.

I do not know what to put in here. I play the flute and piccolo, and speak French, English, and I am learning German and Croatian. I plan to know many more languages than those. I really like hugs and books. I read too much.

I have very bad chronic anxiety, and I either sleep too little, or far too much. I have weird dreams, and I burn incense in old soda cans.

I am living in America, for now.

I could not really answer if someone asked me my sexuality. I am a growing girl, and I really have no idea what it is. I have dated one boy, and it was a very very very bad relationship and I am glad and luck to be out of it. So who knows?

I speak generally poor English. I am sorry ):
Glad to meet you all Smile

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Oh hunny. You "speak" (write) better English than plenty of supposedly native English speakers. I didn't even know it wasn't your first language until you said that. Razz

People who can speak multiple languages are impressive to me. I've tried learning Spanish (like...3+ years of it in school) and I can only recognize a few words (oh and the grammar, but I think that has to do with me understanding grammar in general). I'm trying to learn Chinese with the help of my DS (b/c what Joss Whedon says about the future seems to make sense to me), but that's not going very well heh.

Sleep can be such a bitch.

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soda can incense FTW

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