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It's a little late now!

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1It's a little late now! Empty It's a little late now! on Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:07 am

I posted on one of the other boards before posting here, and it has a lot about me and my life. Pretty personal stuff, actually. Stuff I've never told anyone, not even my family. But not much about who / what I am.

I'm a mathematician. That usually stops all attempts at conversation Shocked. The only time it didn't work was a guy on an airplane who responded, "Really? 'Cause I'm into numerology!" Longest flight of my life...

I'm 47, straight, white male seeking ... no wait, forget that part. Read too many Village Voice personals as a kid Embarassed. I'm married, with two teenage girls (high school and college), I teach all levels of math full time at a state university and part time at an online school (gotta pay them student loans).

I've only recently gotten into webcomics through xkcd, then Questionable Content, then here. I've found a few others I like, too. They seem to be coming from and aimed at a different generation, but they still speak to me. People are people, after all!

Stats say that 1 in 10 people around the world are gay. In my life, it's more like 1 in 3. I've been involved with music and theatre since I can remember. Our home has become a safe haven for all my daughter's gay friends. I find myself having long conversations on occasion with other parents about their kids sexuality - it's pretty weird. Then there's my wife. More on that in my posts in the Love Stories forum.

There's sooo much more to tell, but I's gettin all shleepy now. Another time, maybe.

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