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Just flushed in with the rest of the QC crowd...

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One thing I will say for the writer of this comic is that she has a fine grasp of marketing principals. Razz

I've always been a furious trawler of webcomics and finding this one proved a pleasent surprise, nice art, interesting story, suitably tweaking my need for romance that THE WORLD MUST NEVER KNOW ABOUT.

And then the twist came.

Oh the twist.

I could have murdered you.

I thought to myself:
"Dream sequence? Double-ewe-tea-eff?"

No fair! Everything was going so...

Wait, hang on...

Still reading...



Now I'm interested.

Also, that intermission was so sad! Reading about the original idea for the comic. I haven't cried in like, three years, but that was so sad!

So thanks for sharing with us!

Who me? Name is Aidan, finishing a thesis, taking my sweet forking time about it, the end.

I know a bit too much about war.

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Crazy Aido wrote:....suitably tweaking my need for romance that THE WORLD MUST NEVER KNOW ABOUT.

*giggles* Adorable.

Glad you've liked it so far, can't wait to see what you have to add to the discussions. Very Happy

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But I already am adding to the discussions.

It's that, or finish this blasted thesis.

Although if you want to recommend some webcomics to me...

Not that I should be doing that right now...

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Welcome fellow QCer

Yes, this comic is getting very interesting.

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Ok, I started my own website, in the grand tradition of the interblog, it's basically a resource for writing fiction in a sixteenth century setting, if your interested of course, you can go and have a look. The address is in my sig, just asking cos I need some alternate opinions...

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