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Now that I'm registered... let's do the presentations x)

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    Hi there, my name is Sola and I'm a french fellow x)
    I felt in love with YUME... one or two years ago... I can't remember. Now I just live for the new YUME updates xD (no that's not true x3).

    SO... Just to say... I started to translate a few of her work into french, for fun x)
    [So, Megan, if you'r interested, I would love to share those with you ^^]

    And I'll add just one thing. The more I read YUME, the more I like it x3
    (Part 1 Issue 8 was my favorite... reminded me of my own childhood xD
    Part two Issue 6 was also really great!)

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Hi Dwim, welcome. Very Happy

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